Hello and welcome


I’m guessing you are here because you are longing for something to be different.

Perhaps you feel stuck.  Maybe you never feel good enough.  Or you are in emotional or physical pain.  

Some areas of your life may be going well – but there’s this unwanted “thing” that’s always there, hanging over you, affecting everything you do.


As you look around my site you will see the different ways we could work together.

If you feel motivated to start positive change processes RIGHT NOW

click here to see my new, instant access, online programs.  Or we can work together 1:1 (currently via zoom only).


Our mindset affects our whole experience of life – and just by being here you have started a positive change process.

You are already one step closer to experiencing the changes in your life that you want and deserve.

With the right support we can – quite literally – change our minds.

You can experience more choice and control, restore balance and wellbeing and begin to feel how you want to feel.

I very much look forward to supporting you


Instant access:

online programs

You may be looking for a more affordable option than personal therapy.  You may not feel ready for 1:1 therapy.  Or you may feel motivated to start positive change processes RIGHT NOW!

My programs offer instant (and life time) access to training videos, downloadable audio (including hypnotherapy audios) and written resources at a fraction of the price of 1:1 therapy.

I will be continually adding to the range of online programs.

Be free of that “thing”

Do you have an unwanted “thing” that is always there, hanging over you?

Maybe it’s anxiety, an eating or weight issue, a health or fertility issue, a phobia, a habit or addiction or some other unwanted way of thinking, feeling or behaving. 

Whatever that thing is, it’s affecting you. 

I’m so pleased you are here so that now this can change.

Mind-body health

Most of accept that we get ‘butterflies’ when excited, blush when embarrassed and tense shoulders when stressed.

Our minds and our bodies are in constant communication and each influences the other. We are all different in how we process, express and manifiest our emotions.   

We are so fortunate to live at a time when science is “catching up” in terms of giving us actual explanations and evidence of the mind-body connection.  This informs us how to purposely use the mind-body connection to restore optimal health and wellbeing.  

A growing body of clinical research evidences the benefits of a mind-body approach in the treatment of conditions such as IBS, ezcema and psoriasis, fertility issues and chronic pain conditions.

Things can be different
and you may be surprised to discover that with the right support positive change can happen in an instant.

I know you might not believe it right now, but hopefully as you look around my site you’ll see the different ways I help lots of people like you feel better.

I am not talking ‘magic wands’ when I say that “positive change can happen in an instant”.  But if we are honest, it is the lead-up to change that takes months or years  (not the change itself).  We are all human.  At times we all get stuck and ruminate or procrastinate because we fear failure, fear success or fear change.  We can get stuck in a loop of ‘one step forward, one step back’.  We begin to see the changes we want only to sabotage our own progress without really understanding why.  Either way,  just like the proverbial tomorrow, the desired change never comes (or it doesn’t last for long).

But it can.  With the right support it really can.

When real change happens, something shifts inside and feels ‘right’.

And yes, that inner shift, that positive and powerful internal change, happens in an instant.  It feels like something missing has just slotted into place.  I want that for you and hope that you get in touch to explore how we might achieve that together.


I am always delighted to receive the appreciative cards and emails, that many of my clients send after our work together.  However, I do not publish client testimonials.  As a UKCP registered psychotherapist, I fully comply with UKCP’s code of professional standards and ethics.  The UKCP considers client testimonials unethical for a number of reasons: they can be edited, presented out of context and misleading (no two individual’s experience of therapy is quite the same).  Testimonials also pose a conflict with client confidentiality, the Advertising Standards Authority requires testimonials to be verifiable and traceable.  

My clients want a professional, confidential and discrete service – and that is what I offer.  I chose to work hard to achieve membership of reputable professional bodies and establish a ‘word of mouth’ reputation.  If you choose to work with me, my focus is on you.  I don’t expect you to assist with my marketing.

The testimonials presented below are from hypno-psychotherapists that I have taught and supervised.  In addition to my private practice I am a trainer for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  To be clear, these individuals are not my clients (thus they do not purport to describe the client experience and these testimonials are not in breach of the UKCP’s professional code). 

The statements below are offered as assurance of my professional experience and competence.

“I have learnt so much from Alison, she is such an inspiration to me.  She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of issues and has a miraculous ability to explain things in a way that is so accessible and at the same time absolutely fascinating.  She has a real passion for her work that shines through and clearly cares deeply about achieving the best outcomes for her clients. Thanks for everything Alison!”

Liz Potter

“Alison was my tutor on a one-year Hypno-Psychotherapy course. During the course I got to know her as a very warm and knowledgeable person.  She demonstrated a deep knowledge in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Alison has a great way of bringing the course material to life and I experienced her skill and art of Hypnotherapy when she was guiding me into trance. She also encourages her students to build their own point of view as she explores different approaches.  Personally, she helped me not only to learn the theory of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, but also gave me confidence in practicing.”

Klaus Bockholt

“Alison is a very professional and skilled tutor. I have learned so many useful techniques, backed up by current research and best practice.  Her skills are clearly based on the foundation of a sound ethical practice and she brings this to life in her lectures. As an individual, Alison is very kind, compassionate, and very patient with a manner that is very approachable, while maintaining the boundaries of a true professional”

Vickie Loh

“Alison is a warm, gentle, supportive and patient Tutor.  She listens and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand.  Her professionalism, ethical practice, knowledge and stories leaves you inspired to be the best therapist you can be and wanting to learn more. Alison has great communication skills which accompanied with her wide knowledge of issues enables her to pick up things quickly.  I am honoured to have Alison as my Tutor. Thank you Alison”

Mayura Patel