Alison Leverett-Morris, UKCP registered hypno-psychotherapist

I offer a safe, non-judgemental and supportive space where no problem is too big, too small or too embarrassing.

I understand that investing in yourself can feel daunting.  And I believe it is important that you choose a therapist that you trust.  You need to know that the person you are working with is suitably qualified and experienced to help you achieve the results you want. 

It also needs to feel right.  

 Whilst it’s not easy to convey in writing ‘who and how I am’, I hope the following gives you a sense of what working with me will be like.

Frequently asked questions are below.

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What are your qualifications and experience?




I am a UKCP registered hypno-psychotherapist.

I am also a trainer for The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, teaching trainee and practicing therapists to Advanced Diploma level.

UKCP is the UK Council for Psychotherapy.  As a UKCP registered therapist you can be assured of the highest professional and ethical standards. Achieving registration requires 4-7 years training (with a UKCP accredited training provider) and supervised clinical practice.  Maintaining registration requires (amongst other things) an ongoing commitment to regular clinical supervision and personal and professional development and compliance with a robust code of ethics and professional standards.

There are many, many, many hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training providers in the UK.  There are only 3 colleges in the UK (teaching hypno-psychotherapy) that meet UKCP’s standards.  I trained with The National College of Hypno-pscyhotherapy, which is one of the approved three, and I now teach for the college.

I have an Advanced Diploma in Hypno-Psychotherapy and additional (UKCP accredited) certification in working with trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction.  I have taken advanced training in Ericksonian hypnosis.  I have studied the mind-body connection extensively and have a specialism, in working with fertility.  I am a registered Fertile Body Method practitioner.

I received the J. P. Noble Award in 2016, for an academic paper that I researched and wrote for the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  This paper evidenced the importance of considering and understanding clients’ physical health and symptoms in contemporary and ethical psychotherapy.

I have been in private practice since 2013.

I have a Masters degree in Leadership (City University London) and prior to setting up in private therapy practice, I gained more than 20 years-experience of working in the arts and mental health sectors supporting positive change with some of the most marginalized people and communities in society.

What types of therapy and techniques do you offer?
I use evidence-based methods and draw on the latest understandings of psychology, neuroscience, hypnosis and mind-body medicine.

Hypno-psychotherapy is an excellent choice if you are not sure what style of therapy you want or need.  It is a fusion of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling and coaching skills and includes modalities such as NLP and CBT.  This means treatments are tailored to your individual preferences and needs.  It is never “off the peg” or “one size fits all”.

Another key benefit, is that hypno-psychotherapy can often bring desired outcomes more swiftly than traditional talking therapies.

By the end of our first session we will have a good idea of what’s needed and we will agree a plan together.

How many sessions will I need?

There is no such thing as a typical case.  But I appreciate it is helpful to at least have an idea of how many sessions our work might involve.

Speaking generally, I would say one of the following applies to most of my clients:

5 sessions

A brief, specific and solution focused engagement.

Typical examples would be anxiety, fears and phobias, feeling stuck, strategies and clear thinking regarding a current life situation and achieving the best mindset for an imminent event such as a job interview, driving test, exam or presentation.

6-10 sessions 

A ‘deeper dive’ to resolve that “thing” that you want to overcome or be free of.  We focus on solutions and outcomes. Breaking unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving, resolving underlying factors that have been fuelling unwanted symptoms and equipping you with the tools and strategies to maintain positive changes.

Typical examples might be anxiety and anxiety related issues, trauma, past painful experiences (including childhood experiences), relationship issues, depression and low mood, weight and eating issues, physical health issues such as IBS, fibromyalgia and chronic pain, fertility issues, isomnia and lack of purpose or direction in life.

Longer-term work (10+ sessions)

With longer-term clients it is often because they are navigating through major changes in their life.  Or they are living with a chronic health condition.  Or they benefit from objective support (ie. from somebody that is not a friend or family member) through an ongoing situation that is largely beyond their control (for example, a child or partner with an addiction problem).  With long-term clients, after the initial phase of work is complete, there will often be gaps between sessions of weeks or months.  We meet on an ‘as needed’ basis.

‘Top ups’ / Ad hoc sessions (available to former regular clients only)

On completion of a phase of work, many clients find it very beneficial to return months or years later for a brief ‘top up’ to keep them on track.  Others return because they have been so inspired by our first phase of work that they want to fully step into the quality of life they want and deserve.

When experiencing a better quality of life, they no longer want to put up with certain ‘niggles’.   For example, clients who didn’t mention any body image issues during our first phase of work, come back and say “right, now I ready to shift this unwanted stone of weight that I’ve been carrying around for years!”  Or it might be a habit like nail biting.  Or overcoming a fear like public speaking or driving on motorways.  The kind of things we live with – but don’t have to!

Whatever your situation we work in a solution focused and time efficient way.

How much does it cost?





First session (up to 90 minutes) £90 between 9am and 6pm / £95 after 6pm and weekends

60-minute sessions (when booking a minimum of 5 sessions) £80 between 9am and 6pm / £85 after 6pm and weekends

Ad hoc sessions (available to former clients only) £115 per 60 minutes (£125 after 6pm/weekends)

Smoking cessation program (2 x 90 minute sessions) £240 between 9 am and 5pm / £280 after 6pm and weekends

For fertility support and solutions:

Programs start at £300*.  Full details of my fertility programs can be found at www.fertilemindandbody.co.uk

*Please note that therapeutic support for fertility is only available through my offered programs.  This is because these programs include additional resources and have been developed to facilitate the best possible client outcome.





I don't think I can afford it. Can you help?





I understand that, for a whole host of reasons, it can feel hard to make an investment in yourself.  Whatever your reasons are, I don’t want them to be a barrier to us working together.

I offer flexible ways to pay.

We can agree a payment plan that will work for you and your particular circumstances.


Do also check out my downloadable programs – which are offered at a fraction of the price of 1:1 therapy.  These programs are used by many of my clients – reducing the over all number of 1:1 sessions required.

What can you help me with?
As an integrative hypno-psychotherapist I draw on many schools of psychological thought and have a broad ‘toolbox’ to utilise for a range of issues.

I also have advanced training in working with trauma and PTSD, anxiety and depression, addiction and fertility issues.

I have studied the field of mind-body medicine and have a particular interest in working holistically.  We are not ‘just a mind’.  We are not ‘just a body’.  The two are connected.  Our thoughts and emotions are felt in the body and influence physical responses (not all of them desirable).  And vice versa – what is happening to us physically influences how we think, feel and act.

Issues that I frequently work with include:

Depression and anxiety

Trauma and emotional ‘imprints’ caused by painful past experiences

Issues with weight and eating

Fertility issues

Stress and life challenges

Over extended women who care, do or give “too much”

Physical issues (IBS, ME, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain)

Fears and phobias

Confidence and esteem issues

Isomnia and sleep problems

Struggles in relationships and friendships

Difficulty moving on after loss of a loved one

This is not an exclusive list (and I’m not a big fan of labels) but people do tell me they find it useful to have an idea of the kind of issues that I have experience of working with.

How can you be an expert on everything?

I’m not. The reason I can help with so many different issues is because of my integrative training and because my focus is on resolving the underlying processes that cause or contribute to symptoms (rather than treating just the symptom itself).

If there is a case that is beyond my expertise and training then I am honest about that and will support you to identify an alternative suitably qualified practitioner.

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