Hello, I’m Alison


If you want a coach or therapist who looks at you with a “poker face” while thoughtfully stroking their chin… that’s not me.


I’m real, approachable and the kind of person that people talk to on the bus!


To give an example:  When the MD (of the company I still coach for) first sent his senior leaders to “see me”.  One person (who was, and is, a bit of a rockstar) said “I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t really need you, I’ve got nothing to talk about”.


2 hours later… and the rest (as they say) is history.  To this day, this person continues to invest in reaching their “next level of awesome”.

Ongoing personal growth is the secret to a life well-lived.


Does this mean we just chat?


No.  I’m a professional, focused on the changes you want to achieve within yourself and in your life.  And I do know my stuff.


I completed a 5-year training to qualify as a UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist.  This gives me a robust understanding of human behaviour, psychology, neuroscience, subconscious processes and the factors that enable us to realise our fullest potential.


I also have a Masters in Leadership and a previous career of running an arts and mental health charity.


Every year, I continue to invest a minimum of 100 hours in further training.  I also pay for ongoing clinical supervision and regular coaching.


Above all, I have thousands of hours of experience of working with hundreds of clients over more than a decade.


So, our time together is not “just a chat”.  I work very hard for you and if you “meet me half-way” you’ll get the results you’re paying for.


What else about me?


I love my work so much that I sometimes have to keep myself in check – because I do love my family and personal life too!


My young daughter is my favourite person to hang out with.  After going through IVF for almost a decade, I genuinely appreciate every moment.  She’s so creative, so much fun and makes me laugh every day.


That said, please know that I’m not one of those people who presents an “Instagram worthy” picture of “effortlessly having it all”.  My life probably has lots of similarities to yours.  There are tough days, tired days and the ongoing balancing of responsibilities in amongst the stresses and strains of modern life.


I’m married and we have a little dog called Keith.  He’s affectionately known as “Keith with no teeth” (although actually he does have two teeth).


Keith came to live with us when his owner sadly died of Covid.  Everyone was surprised that I rescued a dog – because I’d never been a “dog person”.  I’m still not really a dog person… just a Keith person.  He’s cute.


That’s more than enough about me.  

Because actually, when we work together, what I offer is a space that is all about – and for – YOU.


Alison Leverett-Morris, Results Coach and UKCP registered Hypno-Psychotherapist

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