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Leadership training & coaching program


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A white glove, red carpet level of service for Business Owners, Directors & Senior Managers

Inside Born for This: Lead & Succeed you have:

24/7 access to an online portal

High-quality digital resources – training videos, audios, and workbooks

All in bite-sized chunks, perfect for your busy schedule

Private 1:1 coaching with Alison

I offer you a “white glove” level of service that’s bespoke to your needs

I understand some things are personal or confidential and not appropriate for a group setting

The program includes 1:1 coaching

We also stay in touch on Voxer.  An app where you can send voice notes of any length – questions or challenges as they come up.  Or to share a breakthrough or win!  I’ll voice note you a personal reply that same day

And if you need more 1:1 time – you get priority booking (at a discounted rate) whenever 1:1 appointments are available

Group coaching

A regular opportunity for coaching and to have questions answerd by Alison.  Get support & inspiration from the group AND benefit from observing others being coached

Many are surprised to discover their biggest insights and breakthroughs come from observing transformational shifts in others

Live (virtual) training led by Alison:

This is not your average, boring zoom call.  It’s an event.  An experience.  Get ready for your breakthroughs!

Inspirational community

A private communication channel to stay in touch outside of group sessions – for support, inspiration and acccountability. Priceless!

Is Born for This: Lead & Succeed a fit for you?

    Are you in a senior role with ambitions to become the best leader you can be?  To achieve something for yourself, your business, your loved ones or the world?

    Do you want to lead with confidence, clarity & purpose?  To cultivate a culture that unlocks the talent in your team?

    Do you have an open mind?  Are you open to doing things differently?

    Are you willing to learn from and contribute to a group of professional peers?

    And… do you have:

    • A track record that brought you to senior level – from which to grow your leadership capabilities.  That might be industry knowledge, technical expertise, strategic prowess, financial acumen, a superpower in sales
    • The ambition or need to step up and navigate challenging, impactful work (without the “Am I up to this?” voice in your head holding you back)
    • The personal drive to address the leadership challenges you face by investing in your future self & the future opportunities possible for you and/or your business
    • Motivation to change your working methods (which served you earlier in your career) but have become an energy draining “hamster wheel”
    • A desire to create a balanced, fulfilling life.  Professional success WITHOUT sacrificing the people and things you love in your private life (or the dreams you have for yourself)
    • Values.  You have big dreams, but you’re not the kind of person who’ll crush people to achieve them

    Born for This is a culture of progress.  

    Nobody is ahead and nobody is behind.  We support and inspire each other and recognise the challenge of navigating a senior role

    A senior role can be isolating.  Inside this programe we’re on a journey together.  Everyone is on a mission to become the best leader they can be – and live their best life

    When we connect with like-minded people – great things happen!

    New round starting soon

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    Joining the waitlist is just an expression of interest.  We’ll arrange to talk in detail when I have start dates for the next round

    Leadership training and coaching for Business Owners, Directors & Senior Managers

    About Alison

    Being in a senior leadership role can be tough.  There are so many challenges to navigate – and it can be isolating.

    I ran a company in a previous career, I know what it’s like.  I Ioved it – but it wasn’t always easy.

    I’ve a masters degree in Leadership.  And I’m a caoch and a UKCP Registered Hypno-Psychotherapist – with thousands of hours of experience over more than a decade.  

    Above all I am seriously passionate about resourcing people to step fully into their potential and live full and fulfilling lives.

    I say “seriously”.  I love to have fun.  My programs cover some “meaty” stuff.  They appeal to people who enjoy personal growth and an intellectual stretch.  But I’ve an accessible and creative style of delivery.  Sessions are often fun – and are something you’ll look forward to!

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