brand new program

With alison leverett-morris


7pm (BST) Tuesday 3rd may 22


to best you:

Your path to fulfilment


How to be YOU at your natural best

Break free from patterns that drive stress & subconsciously sabotage your career, your mindset, your body, your relationships

So you can step fully into your potential & create the balanced, fulfilling life you deserve

Without uncertainty, self-doubt or fear of judgment holding you back


get ready for a unique & transformational experience

starting 7pm (BST) Tuesday 3rd may

You know when you feel like something is missing?


Like you’re meant for more

And it’s frustrating to feel unfulfilled but not really know what you want or need

Equally frustrating to know exactly what you want, only for it to feel out of reach – or for some “thing” to hold you back


This program will bring “aha moments” that set you on the path to creating a fulfilling life that you love


It can feel like your circumstances are "the thing" holding you back...


But what if below the level of your awareness, subconscious processes are keeping you stuck?  

Sneakily sabotaging your hopes, dreams & goals.  Driving you to stressful, unfulfilling places?

 An “inner autopilot” operates inside us all


What if you knew how to redirect your inner autopilot?


That’s what this program is about!


Learning how to use principles from neuroscience, psychology & mind-body practices to take back control of the subconscious patterns that hold you back


Breakthrough to Best You is a new program for women

A 3-step framework informed by principles from neuroscience, psychology & mind-body practices


Best You is YOU at your natural best

It’s who you authentically are


Right now, she’s stuck under layers of stress,

responsibilities, people pleasing, imposter syndrome


It’s time to let her shine!

What you get inside Breakthrough to Best You:

Welcome workshop

7-8pm Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Meet your fabulous new community & set yourself up for breakthroughs!



Private group

You have access to the private Breakthrough to Best You Facebook group.  I’ll be in there often, as your virtual coach & cheerleader!  Live streaming tips, support and encouragement

Of course, it’s also a place to support, inspire & connect with each other

With the encouragement of like-minded people – who champion your success – we all go further, faster, easier!


Breakthrough day

10am – 5pm Sunday 8th May 2022

A full-day, live, one-of-a-kind, immersive, virtual event.

Experience the 3-step framework: Breakthrough to Best You

A unique and experiential fusion of coaching & mind-body practices informed by principles from neuroscience and psychology


A dull zoom meeting or death by powerpoint


A fun, uplifting, transformational experience

I am so confident you’ll experience AT LEAST one breakthrough (aka major “aha moment”) that if you don’t… you get your money back.


Implementation coaching

7-8pm Tuesday 10th, 17th, 24th May & 7th June

Haven’t we all been inspired by events, talks or training… only to find we get sucked back into “life” & struggle to apply our good intentions?

Not on my watch!

4-weeks of follow-up group implementation coaching.  Supporting you to translate your breakthroughs into tangible outcomes

You may be surprised to discover that your biggest breakthroughs come from observing others being coached

(And a note to those who feel nervous speaking in groups – putting yourself forward for a coaching slot is always by choice.  Totally fine to observe and process privately)


Celebrate your breakthroughs workshop

7-8pm Tuesday 21st June 2022

Did you know that celebrating your progress & achievements wires your brain for more success?

We end this program with a celebratory workshop – and prizes!  (Including a free 1:1 coaching session with Alison & a massage with the wonderful Katie Wheater Wellbeing in Oxford)

All action (no matter how big or small) is celebrated inside Breakthrough to Best You

We are a culture of progress – not perfection


3-years access!

The brain learns through repetition.  When we press repeat, things become automatic – effortless.  So repetition is mastery

Also things “land differently” depending on where you are & what’s going on for you

With access to an online portal – you can watch, read and listen to all the resources that support this program again and again and again.  Creating a far happier autopilot!


Life is too short for should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

So if not now, then when?

If you love…


…all things mindset

…personal growth

…fresh new insights into why humans (including you!) behave as we do

…turning ‘aha moments’ into tangible outcomes

…time to focus on yourself

You will love this program!

Don’t just take my word for it!

I came to this at a career crossroads, although at the time I did not appreciate that was where I was.  I felt life was passing me by in a blur of long working hours.  Something – quite a lot actually – was missing.


Working with Alison, and the group, has made me feel like a rough diamond who is learning to sparkle.  It’s exciting.

Everything I have learned was in me already, just waiting to be mined. I found I had all these hidden skills, which had been buried under tiredness, self-limitation and insufficient time invested in me, by me.

I expected to learn skills to support my professional ambitions and I certainly have, yet this course goes deeper than work.  It’s about who I want to be.

I really like working with the group. It’s rather like going on a walk with friends – there is companionship yet the opportunity to think alone and take in the scenery. I walk at my own pace.  I learn from other people too – both when I see things the same way or differently.  There is something that resonates profoundly: a commonality in the challenges we face even though our lives are really very different.


My favourite is the relaxation exercises which are yoga for the mind, combining a mental stretch with a bit of tranquility.

The programme is really enjoyable, gently confronting and I look forward to it and always, always feel great and inspired at the end of a session.


I am significantly more resilient, resourceful and insightful.  I have developed a fortitude which surprises me.  I am clearer about what I want (that uncertainty has been my downfall).  I have gained more self-respect and that is pretty valuable.


I’m still me, yet more accomplished and polished somehow.  I like myself more.


More to the point, I see myself enjoying achieving what I choose to do as well as getting there.  I think I have found what was missing.  How great is that.

Kate Phizackerley

We are living in unprecedented times.  Shining a spotlight on what really matters.  There has never been a better time to invest in YOURSELF and discover how to break free from the subconscious processes that keep you stressed, stuck & unfulfilled.  

So you can step fully into your potential & create a balanced, fulfilling life that you love

Breakthrough to Best You

Your path to fulfilment

  • 1 x set yourself up for success workshop (value £100)

  • 1 x immersive full-day experience (value £950)

  • 4 x 1-hour transformational coaching (value £600)

  • 1 x celebrate your breakthroughs workshop (value £100)

  • Transformational guides/workbooks/audios (value £250)

  • Private access to the Breakthrough to Best You Facebook group (value priceless!)

  • Access to online portal: 3-years access to video training (value £500)

Program value: £2,500

Your investment: £1,250

One time only launch price:

Pay in full:



Includes pay-in-full bonus: be entered into a prize draw for your chance to win a 1-hour 1:1 coaching session with Alison

Pay in 3 monthly payments of:

£267 (x3)

The reason I created this program


For more than 10-years, in my 1:1 Hypno-psychotherapy practice, I’ve been so fortunate to have worked intimately with so many incredible people.

I am astounded by my clients’ resilience – because life really hurts sometimes.

I am inspired by their willingness to invest in themselves – to create a better future for themselves, the people they love, the people they employ – and the world.  I am humbled that they choose me to be part of their journey.


In recent years I have invested MASSIVELY in myself – giving up holidays and all non-essentials (sometimes even hair cuts!) to do this.  I have sought out the world’s best.  Covid, and the shift to online, has made it possible to work with the world’s leaders in coaching and personal development.  You’ll often find me up in the middle of the night on Pacific Time!


Because it’s so important to me to be authentic.  To walk the talk.  How can I spend all day encouraging personal growth if I am not investing in my own growth?  How can I be authentic coaching people to step out of their comfort zone if I stay in mine?  Who am I to dish out the “tough love” (when required) if not prepared to take it myself?

And what did I learn?

That there is no greater investment than in yourself.


Life really does get better exponentially when we stop thinking of self-care as selfish.  When we stop thinking of “seeing someone” as something you do if there’s something “wrong with you”.  The opposite is true.

When we invest in ourselves we grow.  We step into our potential.  We move from scarcity to abundance.  We have more to give, more to contribute.  (And a wonderful side effect is that, in return, we receive and experience more).


During Covid my practice was maxed out with a long waiting list.  That did not feel good.  In fact it really stressed me out!

And this was my driver – to keep pushing forward on a change in my business that I’d already begun a couple of years before Covid.

I had to find a way of working that could offer more than 1:1.  I wanted to give more.  I knew I had more to contribute.  And I knew I had to “become” more to do this.

And I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

I’ve needed coaches to push me hard (when I’ve been clinging – by my fingernails – to my comfort zone).  And accountability groups to keep me pressing forward when the inner imposter finds so many reasons (excuses) why it makes more sense to stay still.


It’s actually about 4-years ago that I began new ways of working:  groups, programs, courses, working with teams and for a business.

For the business, I am their resident… (don’t actually know what I’d call myself)… executive coach / consultant / leadership development / therapist / mamma bear… sort of describes it.  I’m sure some days the MD has a few names to describe me 😉   (sometimes I am the pain in his ar**).


But the very fact he pays someone like me to invest in his business and his people says so much about him as a leader.  It’s a bit like a family of truly fabulous humans (enough trust to tell each other “how it really is”, pushing each other to achieve our best, inspiring each other, agreeing / being totally on the same page, disagreeing /retreating to lick wounds sometimes, being there when times are tough, cheering each other on when times are good, laughter, banter, loving each other really – and always, always wanting the best outcome for the individual and the whole).


I came to realise that much of the work I do today is what I was doing in my “first” career.  Running an Arts & Mental Health charity, and then consultancy work – organisational evaluation, board & team away days, facilitating personal & professional development groups (action learning sets).

Only now I have a decade of experience as a Hypno-psychotherapist and coach to add into the mix.  All quietly being delivered “behind closed doors” – nothing in the public domain.


Breakthrough to Best You is my first program launched publicly.

If I don’t launch this program now, I honestly think one of my coaches might turn up in person & give me an actual kick up the ars*… to add to the many I’ve received online and over the phone!



I am so excited to be sharing many of the gems of widom I’ve experienced as “a learner” – fused with my own ‘secret sauce’ and professional training & experience as a Hypno-psychotherapist and coach.

I can’t wait to offer this all to you at a fraction of the price I paid myself.

Am I scared about launching out in this way?


Am I doing it anyway?



This first offer is for women.


Because over the years I have worked with so many women who have huge hearts.  They work so hard, have high professional standards and honourable values and morals.  They balance this with responsibilities for people they love in their personal life.  They’ve been through hard things.  Some of them extraordinarily hard things.

And yet they ALWAYS, ALWAYS dig deep to do the right thing (not the easy thing) for people they love and causes that actually make a positive difference to the world.

They put their own needs at the bottom of their very long to-do lists.

They are tired.

They don’t feel “good enough”.

I see these women as super-heroes.  You ARE super-heroes.

But I get it.  I’m a recovered people pleaser.  And, as described above, imposter syndrome will still rear its ugly head from time to time.  Today I call it “growing pains”, which somehow feels kinder.


I’m anticipating many of the women joining Breakthrough to Best You will be past clients.  Women who no longer “need” 1:1 therapy.  Of course we all do!  (but I would say that wouldn’t I?!!)

What I mean is – the need is for something different now.

Next level growth.  Connection, inspiration, coaching, transformation, action.

And I am stepping up to offer that to you.


Breakthrough to Best You will be a culture of progress not perfection.  Please don’t let imposter syndrome put you off joining us

I honestly can’t say for sure if I will run this program again.  There are many things in the pipeline – and only so many hours in the day.


Life is too short to play small

Life is too short for should’ve, would’ve, could’ve

It’s time for you to shine

Because if not you… then who?

And if not now… then when?


I very much hope to see you on the inside


p.s a note to any men reading this.  I LOVE working with you too.  Future programs won’t exclude you, I promise!


The testimonials that I share on this site refer only to my coaching programs & teaching (I train therapists at The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy).  I specify this, because as a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, I fully comply with UKCP’s code of ethics and professional standards.  Publishing testimonials for psychotherapeutic work would be a breach of this professional registration.

Words from Hypno-Psychotherapists that I have trained at The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy…

“I have learnt so much from Alison, she is such an inspiration to me.  She is very knowledgeable about a wide range of issues and has a miraculous ability to explain things in a way that is so accessible and at the same time absolutely fascinating.  She has a real passion for her work that shines through and she clearly cares deeply about achieving the best outcomes for her clients. Thanks for everything Alison!”

Liz Potter

“Alison is a very professional and skilled tutor. I have learned so many useful techniques, backed up by current research and best practice.  Her skills are clearly based on the foundation of a sound ethical practice and she brings this to life in her lectures. As an individual, Alison is very kind, compassionate, and very patient with a manner that is very approachable, while maintaining the boundaries of a true professional”
Vickie Loh

“Alison is a warm, gentle, supportive and patient Tutor.  She listens and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand.  Her professionalism, ethical practice, knowledge and stories leaves you inspired to be the best therapist you can be and wanting to learn more. Alison has great communication skills which accompanied with her wide knowledge of issues enables her to pick up things quickly.  I am honoured to have Alison as my Tutor. Thank you Alison”
Mayura Patel

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