Instant access: Online self-development programs


In these online self-development programs, Alison will guide you through the process of positive change that each program sets out to achieve.

You can now learn and apply methods of self-development via video training.  Each program includes a range of tools, techniques and resources – including live video demonstrations, training videos, downloadable hypnotherapy audios and more.

Instant access programs are ideal if you feel in need of support or want to start positive change processes RIGHT NOW!

Silence Your Inner Critic

Do you feel stressed, never quite “good enough” or like everyone else is happier/more attractive/more successful than you?  Then you are probably living with an “inner critic”.

Negative self-talk can slip below the radar and become our “normal”.  But it’s not “normal” because few of us would speak to ANYONE the way we privately speak to ourselves inside our heads.  Harsh, judgemental and negative self-talk will FEED stress, low confidence and low self-esteem.  This program will help you turn this around.

Lifetime access to training videos, video demonstrations, hypnotherapy audio and written resources.

All for just £27  Find out more about “Silence Your Inner Critic”

5-minute stress fixes

Learn and apply fast and effective stress reducing techniques to:

  • Quickly melt away tension, aches and pains
  • Restore calm so you can think clearly and feel in control
  • Identify and mobilise inner strengths to “get you through” a challenging situation

Lifetime access to training video, video demonstrations, audio and written resources.

All for just £27.  Find out more about the “5-minute stress fixes” program.

Relax and Replenish

This program is like a massage for the mind!  Learn how to activate your body’s natural relaxation response to calm the mind, soothe the body and support optimal health and wellbeing.

Lifetime access to 5 x carefully crafted hypnotherapy and relaxation audios  + training videos to inspire you to commit to (and experience) the benefits of deep relaxation.

All for just £37  Find out more about the “Relax and Replenish” program.

Stress solution bundle!

The “5-minute stress fixes” and “Relax and Replenish” programs are a perfect complement to each other.  You will be resourced to better deal with stress “in the moment” and restore balance at the end of a stressful day.  Invest in YOU and your optimal health and wellbeing.

Instant (and lifetime) access to both programs for just £50  Find out more here.