Instant access:  “Relax and Replenish” online program

Lifetime access to 5 x carefully crafted hypnotherapy audios + training video

  • Trigger your body’s natural relaxation response for optimal health and wellbeing
  • Soothe the body, calm the mind
  • Selection of audios for different needs, contexts and times of day
  • 10-minute “refresher” for when you have opportunity for a short break during your day
  • Deep relaxation for night time

This program is like a massage for your mind


Life is better when we choose to relax.  I say CHOOSE because relaxation is not sitting with your feet up (although of course that’s nice too!)

True relaxation is an actual physical thing. It’s when your mind-body system has triggered the relaxation response and a series of physical and psychological processes that repair, replenish and restore balance where needed.  And so, when life is busy or stressful, we need to purposefully CHOOSE to relax.  We need to purposefully trigger our natural relaxation response.  This program will show you HOW and give you lifetime access to resources that will help you experience the benefits of deep relaxation.

Deep relaxation brings so many benefits to body and mind.  In “not doing” for a while – you are actually doing a huge amount to support your optimal health and wellbeing.

This program includes a training video that will inform and inspire you to commit to including deep relaxation in your life.  You have lifetime access to 5 carefully crafted hypnotherapy audios that will support your mind-body system to restore balance where needed and nurture positive change at the subconscious level.

Invest in YOU.  This program is just £37

Serious about squashing stress?

Consider this “2 programs in one” bundle.  “5-minute stress fixes” and “Relax and Replenish” are the perfect complement to each other.

Both programs for just £50.  The resources included would cost in excess of £800 (if we were working together one:one)

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